And some more questions and answers

As promised, some more questions from a student and my answers. How much does education or experiences influence her or his writing process? I think everyone needs education! Get an education! I wish I had an education. I am 64 years old. I grew up in a traditional household with four brothers. When I was 17 and had Grade 12, my Mom decided that was enough education…I was also becoming quite... read more


It has been a while since I posted here! Bad me! Anyway, I thought this might interest some folks. I had an email from a student today asking questions that I frequently get asked. I thought others might be interested in the answers. Sooo Here are a few of the questions and my answers. I will post more tomorrow. What does the author say about his or her purpose for writing? Is it to tell story or to... read more

Love Lies Bleeding

Love Lies Bleeding After my Dad died in 1994, we discovered a suitcase in the basement that contained his war memorabilia, including letters he wrote home to his parents in Richmond Hill, during his six years overseas. Excerpts from these letters are woven throughout this story to give the reader an authentic sense of what it felt like to be fighting so far from home. Though restricted by censorship, the... read more

The Three Wishbells

 Kristyn Taylor is a “chosen one”; an adopted child, a knowledge that has always left her feeling incomplete and hurt. Fighting mild hypochondria, low self-esteem and a perfect sister, Kristyn is returning home from school one day, when she trips on a crack in the sidewalk and finds herself in another world where her arrival portends its doom. “First World” is losing its magical... read more

Home Child

The year is 1914. Thirteen year old Arthur, a Home Child, arrives in Canada from England to stay on Sadie Wilson’s farm as a hired labourer. Arthur finds himself an outcast – only a home boy – not fit to be allowed to sit with the family at a meal. Sadie is intrigued by the new arrival and puzzled by her family’s, especially her mother’s, and the community’s negative... read more