Is it really November???

I have my windows open today as it is reading 20 C at my house.  Amazing November weather.   read more

Picture Day

I’ve been so bad about posting, but I scolded myself for letting things slide and I’m back with a new website and blog. Here are some pictures for you folks to admire. Thanksgiving was gorgeous in Ontario this year and my brother had the family to his country place for dinner and we ate outside. Well, until this black little no-see-ems, which we saw, descended upon us. We moved indoors to where... read more

I’m back!

It’s always exciting to try something new and this is my new website/blog! This allows me much more freedom to post pictures and blog and do everything in one place. Efficient – that is the word I’m looking for: efficient. I’m now efficient. Check out all my books, awards, school presentations  all in one place. oh-oh, my red demon eyes. I’ll burn you... read more