A is For Angst!

A is for Angst, B is for Boobs (breasts or idiots!), C is for um  – Condiments! The teenage alphabet according to fourteen year old Teresa Tolliver. Growing up is complicated for a girl who can’t quite decide if Barbie dolls are age appropriate, and what about those Boobs! Both the boys and her flat chest. Perhaps an air-bra would help? And what about the school class system? Teresa does not want to... read more

Irish Chain

 Author’s Notes When I was in school, in the mid-60’s, I remember having older children in my Grade 5 class, boys whose voices had changed. These children were taken out for “remedial reading” as they couldn’t read, and therefore couldn’t pass to the next grade. I know as students, myself included, we called them dumb, or retarded, a terrible label to place on someone. Today it would... read more


Winner:  Arthur Ellis Crime Award for Best Juvenile Fiction Dee is feeding the chickens the morning they discover the bones on the mountain. Something doesn’t feel right – and her feeling is confirmed when local police show her a ring that they found with the bones; a ring belonging to Mary Ann Simpson, who had disappeared four years ago. Other girls, Dee discovers, have disappeared too, unusual for... read more

Where Do You Get Those Ideas????

One question I get all the time from school visits or readings is where do you get your story ideas from: My answer is: everywhere! I listen to conversations between people in coffee shops, etc. Yes that is creepy, but I believe it is public domain. Old newspapers give me great ideas. Think we are weird now? We were way weirder back fifty years or so. Every small town museum I go to, I ask if they have any... read more

Beyond the Books Author Spotlight

For those in the London (Ontario) area, I’ll be at Western this Wednesday (March 7 2018) for an author event hosted by Beyond the Books. I’ll be with other local authors, Emma Donoghue (Room), Adrienne Kress, Michael Arntfield & Kelly Armstrong. It’ll run 6:30PM to 8:30PM in the Health Sciences Building, room 40. Admission is free! We’ll each give a brief talk, followed by a... read more