Excellent Editor

If you are wanting some feedback, thinking of self-publishing and need editing?  I highly, highly recommend my friend, Debbie Rogosin. She is highly thought of in the industry, having worked for many major publishers. Are you a children’s writer who is looking for … Professional feedback on your writing? Help to polish your prose? Input on developing a story? Evaluation of your work to see if it is... read more

Tactic Studios Immortal Empire

Watch this funny video from my son, Jesse, who owns Tactic Studios, who have released their first game, Immortal Empire. He is on Kickstarter looking for funds to upgrade the game. Starting and maintaining a company is hard work, but Jesse approaches it with intelligence, hard-work – oh such hard work, dedication, and talent. Pass the video on if you enjoy... read more

London Friendship Quilters’ Quilt Show

You will love this quilt show – guaranteed.   read more

Is Summer Really Half-Over???

No, I must think of it this way…there is still half a summer to enjoy. Yes, half-full/half-empty glass scenario.  And what a summer it has been so far…a new granddaughter, Clara, and three of my nieces have given me four great-nephews/nieces between them. Yes, if you add that up, there is one set of twins. Sooo adorable. Writing? I’ve been quilting up a storm instead, but have been... read more

Dear Canada: A Trail of Broken Dreams: The Gold Rush Diary of Harriet Palmer: Overland to the Cariboo 1862

After the death of her mother, Harriet Palmer is determined to find her father, who is chasing the gold dream in The Cariboo in British Columbia. To that end, she joins up with a group of The Overlanders to travel through prairies, swamps and mountains from Fort Garry to the gold fields of the Cariboo. Excerpt: August 24, 1862 I would not have believed it had I not tasted it myself, but skunk makes fine... read more