What kind of books do you like to read?

I’m curious. What sort of books do YOU like to read? Let me know. read more

HarperCollins Contest: Win 50 Books

I noticed that HarperCollins has a contest where you can win fifty books and all you have to do is share what reading means to you. (or something like that.) You can find it on their website. I’m not entering because I can’t figure out the hashtag thingy (don’t get them at all – okay, I’ll Google it.) but here is why I think reading in important. First of all, I’ve never... read more


I put two of my OP books on Smashwords. They are fantasy for 9 – 12 year olds. They are also on Amazon. I wanted to share my Smashwords interview with everyone. read more

Murder Mystery excerpt

So, I like to golf, and I like murder mysteries, and I decided to try writing one using both my “likes.” You will notice that I have books in a lot of different genres, much to my agent’s disgust – “Pick one and stick it!” That”s him. I like to try different things. Even my quilting evolves over the years. But I know for success you really should pick one genre.... read more

First Lines

First lines are extremely important when you’re starting a story because it will either bore or intrigue your reader right away. Today a new first line popped into my head, though I have no idea where I will actually use it. Here is my new first line: “Open the window, Magadala, so my soul can leave,” great-grandmamma said from her death-bed. read more