Buried Treasure

Fifteen year old Jesse is in trouble with the law. His mother was killed in a car accident a year ago and is father is cold and distant. To get him out of the city his father sends him to stay with is aunt and her family in a small port town on Lake Erie. Jesse’s job at his aunt’s, is to “babysit” his cantankerous grandfather, who has a strong streak of kleptomania and a store of... read more

Theories of Relativity

Published in France, the US and Canada Thrown out of the house by his mother, sixteen year old Dylan is living on the streets, trying to find his place in a dark, painful and complicated world. Excerpt: It’s going to be a long night. I dig Granddad’s hat out of my pack and put it on my head, pulling the ear flaps down against the damp, and begin to walk. A cop car slows beside me, a window rolls down... read more

Flying Geese

Awards 2003 Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award nominee 2003 Silver Birch Award nominee 2004 Red Cedar Award nominee Margaret heard their cry first; a single, flat Honk, then others joining, filling the air with sound. She squinted into the late afternoon sun to see geese fly low over the Saskatchewan prairie in an orderly V-formation. Wings beat strong and heads strained southward, and summer... read more

For Valentine’s Day

A special for Valentine’s Day!  See Craftsy for the babs ‘n’ jas designs store (quilting) where you can get this Valentine skinny for only $2.50! read more

Happy New Year!!!

I don’t have resolutions, but I do have goals.  My goal this year is to finish a book I have been working on for a couple of years!  Let’s get it done.  Share your “goals” with me!!! read more