The Three Wishbells

 Kristyn Taylor is a “chosen one”; an adopted child, a knowledge that has always left her feeling incomplete and hurt. Fighting mild hypochondria, low self-esteem and a perfect sister, Kristyn is returning home from school one day, when she trips on a crack in the sidewalk and finds herself in another world where her arrival portends its doom. “First World” is losing its magical earthforce and turning into a desert. The birthmark on Kristyn’s arm marks her as the one foretelling the ending of “First World” and the one chosen to save her own world. A reluctant, fainthearted Kristyn learns she has the inner strength to use the power of the wishbells to save Earth from having its earthforce drained by a First World spell-speaker. In doing so, Kristyn finds her true family and finds herself.


(Cover illustration by Johnnene Maddison of London, Ontario)





“This Young Adult fantasy is a real page-turner.”
— London Scene Magazine

Surprises, vivid descriptions, plenty of spells, a magic portal, and a rewarding conclusion will keep young readers absorbed in this fantasy.”
— Canadian Book Review Annual 1997