Teen Workshop November 10, 2012

Don’t forget to join me for a teen workshop on November 10, 2012.  Details in the poster below. read more

Creative Writing Class with Me!

A creative writing class I’ll be teaching in October. Would love to see you there! The most essential ingredient of creative writing is how to develop a writer’s perception. With reference to character, dialogue, plot and structure, we will learn how to look at the world with a writer’s eye and come away full of telling details that in turn enrich the written word. Fee: $195.70 01LC Tue... read more

A Teen Writing Workshop at London Public Library

Come out and enjoy the afternoon with me! It’s all about books and writing. read more

What a summer!

What a summer! The end of June my son and his wife and two grandkids arrived from Texas for a long visit. Was absolutely wonderful. July 9th, my younger son and his wife had a baby girl, can’t have too many grandkids, and August 1st we moved. Probably the most exhausted I have been in a very, very long time. My first reaction to the country: Panic. What have done? It’s so much lawn…. But... read more

Dark Of The Moon

There have been many changes in fourteen-year-old Meaghan’s life; her father’s death two years previously, her mother’s remarriage and resulting step-family, including a much disliked stepsister, Laura, and a move from the city to the country. Plagued by visions of darkness, the black hearse, the black hole her Dad was put in, Meaghan is having difficulty coping with her new life. She... read more