First Lines

First lines are extremely important when you’re starting a story because it will either bore or intrigue your reader right away. Today a new first line popped into my head, though I have no idea where I will actually use it. Here is my new first line: “Open the window, Magadala, so my soul can leave,” great-grandmamma said from her death-bed. read more

Dear Canada: To Stand On My Own

Dear Canada: To Stand on My Own: The Polio Epidemic Diary of Noreen Robertson. From Scholastic Canada In 1937, Noreen Robertson finds herself in the isolation award of the Saskatoon Hospital, stricken with polio. During many summers from the late 1800’s through to the late 1950’s parents were terrified their children would get the feared disease, infantile paralysis, or polio, a disease that... read more

Alice Munro Writers and Readers Festival

The Alice Munro Writers and Readers Festival takes place September 27 – 29, 2013.  There is a short story writing contest for teens and adults with stories needing to be 5000 words long. More details can be found here. Enter, Enter, Enter – you might win! read more

Margot Griffin

I lost a friend and the world lost a creative, loving kind person on April 2nd, when teacher/writer/columnist/wife/daughter/friend Margot Griffin passed away. Margot wrote a series for children: “The Dance of Life”, “Dancing for Danger” and “Secret of the Crystal Cave.” Margot had an extraordinary gift for insight and despite her own health concerns, seldom dwelled on... read more

Some thoughts on writing

A student asked me some questions about how I came to be writing and I thought other readers might be interested in my answers. I’ve always had a love of words and visited our town library every Saturday. My Mom would actually tell me to stop reading and go outside and play. I also kept diaries from the time I was ten years old. But writing was never considered a career way back when I was a kid.... read more