Dear Canada: A Trail of Broken Dreams: The Gold Rush Diary of Harriet Palmer: Overland to the Cariboo 1862

After the death of her mother, Harriet Palmer is determined to find her father, who is chasing the gold dream in The Cariboo in British Columbia. To that end, she joins up with a group of The Overlanders to travel through prairies, swamps and mountains from Fort Garry to the gold fields of the Cariboo.


August 24, 1862
I would not have believed it had I not tasted it myself, but skunk makes fine eating. For a creature that stinks so horribly, it sure tastes wonderful.

It is Sunday but we continued our journey today – the first Sunday we have traveled since we set out – as our food is so low we had to press on or starve. I worry for Mrs. Schubert. Despite the meat from the horse they killed, she seems very tired. I took the two eldest children to walk with me.

August 25, 1862
All are gloomy of thought tonight. But there is no going back now.

August 26, 1862
A night and day as I’d never want to repeat. We camped on the steep side of the mountain and I lay awake all night, fearful of rolling down. Then we had to cross a narrow ledge barely a foot broad, covered with loose slate and once again a sheer drop on one side.


> Shortlist, CLA Book of the Year For Children Award, 2005


Haworth-Attard has written an exciting story about a believable heroine….Highly Recommended” CM Magazine, University of Manitoba