Writing in a Pandemic

Everyone has been asking me if I have been getting a lot of writing done during the pandemic. Uh…no. I find I can’t concentrate enough to create, too much going on, and after beating myself up about it, decided it was okay. Sometimes we just need to be as nice to ourselves as we would tell others to be. So instead I have been working on getting a book I published in 1998, and the publisher... read more

A Time For Giving – Ten Tales Of Christmas

A Time For Giving Ten Tales of Christmas  A Time for Giving, Ten Tales of Christmas, are stories based on characters from Scholastic Canada’s Dear Canada series written by Canada’s top... read more


WyndMagic (Sequel to TruthSinger)   In this sequel to the highly successful TruthSinger, Katie, apprentice WyndCaller, is learning to harness the power of the wind to practice magic. Used wisely, WyndMagic creates harmony, but it’s misuse releases chaos… chaos Katie unwittingly exacerbates when she succumbs to the magic’s lure. She needs magic just as her father is addicted to... read more


Nathan loves music and is able to hear songs, songs that reveal the truth of whatever or whoever he meets. But he fears that his music and ultimately, Nathan himself, have played a very big role in his parents’ separation. To add to his worries, Nathan has moved with his mother, to his Uncle Nevill’s house, an eccentric, mysterious old man. He also has to deal with a school bully, and an... read more

A is For Angst!

A is for Angst, B is for Boobs (breasts or idiots!), C is for um  – Condiments! The teenage alphabet according to fourteen year old Teresa Tolliver. Growing up is complicated for a girl who can’t quite decide if Barbie dolls are age appropriate, and what about those Boobs! Both the boys and her flat chest. Perhaps an air-bra would help? And what about the school class system? Teresa does not want to... read more