Not a picture day

It was to be a picture day but… I took them with my phone, transferred to my memory card then deleted the pictures from the phone – only to discover I’d deleted them from the memory card, too! ACK!!!  Only one saved. I’ll post it. Caption: I’m trying to work... read more

A great read

I just finished the book “Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril” which is a series of essays by world leaders, scientists, etc. on what our world has become – basically consumer and instant gratification driven , and its future (at times dubious.) It is an interesting read and I highly recommend it. A flock of chickadees is silently going through my backyard, flitting here... read more

Do we have ghosts?

The doors in our house seem to open by themselves! Ghosts?? Nope, it’s Leo, our cat. Leo is a large cat and can reach the door latches which pull down to open. We couldn’t figure out for a while why the study door, which is always closed, kept being left open. Also, the bedroom door. Turns out Leo has learned to open them. I wonder if he can do bank vaults . . .   read more

Is it really November???

I have my windows open today as it is reading 20 C at my house.  Amazing November weather.   read more

Picture Day

I’ve been so bad about posting, but I scolded myself for letting things slide and I’m back with a new website and blog. Here are some pictures for you folks to admire. Thanksgiving was gorgeous in Ontario this year and my brother had the family to his country place for dinner and we ate outside. Well, until this black little no-see-ems, which we saw, descended upon us. We moved indoors to where... read more