Response to e-mail received regarding Theories of Relativity.

Barbara Haworth-Attard

Response to Email Received

This is an e-mail I received today and I think the concern is a viable one when it comes to my book “Theories of Relativity” and I thought a public answer would help assauge other parents’ concerns.
First of all, I would like to say how very fortunate your child is that you, as parents, are actively engaged in his life. But there are many more, like my character, Dylan, who do not have the care and love that all children deserve.  If you know me, you know I don’t use profanity on a regular basis in my life – I think I have a good vocabulary with which to express myself, with the exception of when I am sewing and stab my thumb with a needle. The air can be a bit blue then.  Dylan actually does not swear much in the book, merely when his frustrations reach peak level, and he is desperate. Amber swears the most, and she uses swearing as an armor to protect herself from a world that she feels has turned its back on her.  Dylan, Amber, and Jenna’s lives are real. They are real!! My research is far-reaching and complete. Other kids, 14 and older, need to know that there are kids living on the edge in every city of the world, usually through no fault of their own. Perhaps by enlightening youth to their plight, solutions can be brought to the difficult problem of homelessness and through an understanding of their struggles, our youth can now and later in their lives, extend kindness and charity to those who fall through the cracks of society.

Email Received

Here is the email I received.

I was disgusted with this book. My 15 year old has been reading it in school and happened to mention that he couldn\\\’t believe the foul language and questionable content. I decided to see who the author was and found out He\\\\She was a Canadian, that explained a lot. I realize that in our school system we have to select from \\\"Canadian content\\\" and that is the problem in a nut shell. Not to say that we do not have true Canadian talent, but unfortunately you do not fall into that category, in my opinion.
My wife has sent emails to the school board in our area complaining about this piece of required reading. I hope it does some good.
What bothers me is if as an adult I dislike a book I  am reading, I can choose to put it down, or perhaps throw it in the trash. But as a student they are forced to read and finish the book as a requirement. This is not right. And perhaps this is more of an issue to be taken up with a school board, which we have. But I just wanted you to know what I thought of your \\\"literature\\\".