A is For Angst!

A is for Angst, B is for Boobs (breasts or idiots!), C is for um  – Condiments!

The teenage alphabet according to fourteen year old Teresa Tolliver.

Growing up is complicated for a girl who can’t quite decide if Barbie dolls are age appropriate, and what about those Boobs! Both the boys and her flat chest. Perhaps an air-bra would help?

And what about the school class system? Teresa does not want to be a SN (Sub-Normal)!

It’s a fight all the way to stay an N, especially with a pregnant mother, a social phobic father, a jerk for a brother and a domineering older sister!

And why is Nannu (Maltese for Grandpa!) acting so strangely!

A funny and honest look at the complicated lives of today’s adolescent.

Other Versions:

American Version from Flux Publishers “My Life from Air Bras to Zits


French Version from Hachette Jeunesse! Translation “Adam at all cost”


and from Germany 



Let’s hear what others say:

“Right from the start, readers will fall madly in love with Teresa Tolliver…”

This is a book for chick-lit fans who want more intelligence than fluff.”  Foreword Magazine

“…a juicy romp through the mind of an uncertain, hyperbolic and delightfully flawed 14-year-old girl.”

CM Magazine

“Haworth-Attard does an excellent job of depicting the trials and tribulations of a typical teenage girl, and readers will enjoy recognizing parts of themselves in Teresa.”
–  Robyn Zaneski, New York Public Library School Journal

“Although laugh-packed, the heart of this endearing, but definitely not sappy, novel is Teresa’s evolving family relationships, which challenge her to grow up quickly.”-
Kirkus Reviews